Open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things from your Torah! is the premier service the Psalm 119 Foundation provides.  This site offers Bible studies on each book of the bible, studies on various topics including G-d's appointed times [the moedim] and the weekly Torah portion, as well as commentary, numerous online references, and other study resources including timelines and other charts.


The purpose of the website is to honor G-d and serve the body of Messiah as an instrument in the fulfillment of our namesake verse: Oh, Lord, open my eyes that I might behold wonderful things from your Torah.


In doing so we desire to promote the spiritual growth of our readers by:

  • providing a historically accurate understanding of Scripture
  • revealing the truth about the Torah-observant Messiah of Israel
  • encouraging a Torah-based walk of faith in pursuit of the Messiah


We do this by providing bible studies, commentary, and other valuable resources... all without charge.

Our goal is to make disciples according to the Great Commission of our Lord.

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