Our Mission

The Psalm 119 Foundation is a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to encourage sanctified living by sharing the truths of Scripture.

Our goal is to see a growing number of lives that are increasingly sanctified according to G-d's Word.

Our vision is to be an instrument of G-d's fulfillment of the prayer of King David found in Psalm 119.


The Foundation focuses its efforts on providing free teaching and commentary of G-d's Word in its proper historical and grammatical context through our various websites.  We also sponsor and organize conferences where Foundation directors and like-minded teachers can further share and encourage others to walk in G-d's ways.

In addition to serving students, the Foundation also supports the needs of teachers, pastors, rabbis, and any who lead others in the Study of Scripture.

Beginning in 2007 with a single website, Psalm11918.org, our efforts have expanded to over a dozen different sites each focused on different audiences and topics.  The Psalm 119 Foundation was created to provide consistent, G-dly direction and executive oversight for the expanding scope of our efforts to ensure that you, our readers, receive the greatest possible benefit.


All of these efforts align with our deeply felt motto: echoing G-d's call to holy living.