Our History

A summary of our history of service.  All of this has been made possible by the gracious financial support of our donors.

Thank you for partnering with us in this work!



  "FaithLikeAMustardSeed" Our early beginnings... dozens of online articles.
  Psalm11918.org launched

Psalm11918.org was created to deliver studies of Scripture.  The goal is to uncover the truths of the Bible as they would have been perceived by the Jewish authors, in a Jewish nation, and in its original Jewish historical context.  We seek the teachings, traditions, and understanding that Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, would have been born into, taught, and corrected during His lifetime. 

The site includes numerous articles, a calendar of Biblical holidays, timelines of the Tanakh and Greek Scriptures [Old and New Testament], studies of the traditional weekly portions of Scripture read in the synagogue, and various other free resources.

  Psalm11918.org grows The site grows to over 100 separate articles and 160 blog posts.
  Psalm11918.org redesigned New website software and a new paint job!
  CommunityConnector.net launched CommunityConnector.net was created to help others within the body of Messiah find community.  This site provides the ability to search the entire world for other congregations, synagogues, or study groups. 
  The613Commandments.net launched In November 2010, we began work on an ambitious project: The613Commandments.net.  This site focuses on illuminating the 613 commandments found in the five books of Moses, called the Torah.  We examine each of the commandments: where it is found, what Messiah said about it, how it pictures Messiah, how He fulfilled it, traditional observance, and other observations about it.  Still a work in progress...
  SacredName.com launched SacredName.com came online in December 2010.  Partnering with the world's most renowned opponent to the teachings of Sacred Name theology, Gary Mink, we developed a library of information to counter the error of Sacred Name teachings. Mr. Mink reveals the history of the Sacred Name movement, describes his own personal quest for the truth about Sacred Name theology, and shares essays and letters he has received from Sacred Name proponents. 

SacredName.com: setting the record straight.
  CommunityConnector.net redesigned Responding to visitor feedback, we redesigned the site to improve group listings and search features.
  The Psalm 119 Foundation formed

ThePsalm119Foundation.org launched
The Psalm 119 Foundation was formed to provide consistent, G-dly direction and executive oversight for the expanding efforts of our team of Bible researchers.  We are incorporated in the state of Texas.
  RefTagger for Joomla! 2.5 The Logos RefTagger script enables websites to display Bible verses when you hover your pointer over Bible references (for example, John 3:16).  The Foundation integrated this capability with the Joomla! 2.5 content management system.
  Psalm11918.org redesigned A simplified design and improved organization.
  SacredName.com redesigned New website software and a fresh, clean look.
  CommunityConnector.net refreshed Improved security and better room for growth.
  TheRabbi.org launched Just in time for Channukah 2012, TheRabbi.org was launched in order to share the life and teaching of the Supreme Rabbi and Messiah of Israel, Yeshua.  No commentary.  No clutter.  Just the words of the Master and his disciples. 

Discover the story of the greatest Rabbi in the history of the world!
  CommunityConnector.net milestone In February 2013, the site reaches 500 Messianic groups... and continues to grow.

CommunityConnector.net is now the most comprehensive online directory of Messianic groups in the world!
  The Psalm 119 Foundation milestone The Foundation received 501(c)3 status from the IRS in February 2013.
  The613Commandments.net redesigned and updated Just days before Rosh Hashanah 5774 (September 2013), the team implemented a redesign of our 613 commandments website and it is now enabled and optimized for mobile and tablet devices.  We have completed an examination of over 200 of the commandments and continue to add more each week.
  The613.info launched New for November: the relational nature of the mitzvot has been brought to life with an interactive visualization of the 613 commandments on The613.info.  Starting with G-d's Holy Law and splitting into the two greatest commandments identified by the Master (Love G-d and Love Others), this site encourages the exploration of the commandment found in Scripture.  Although we often call them "commandments", these instructions enable us to connect with G-d and His holiness in a daily fashion.  "For this commandment which I command you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it out of reach." - Deuteronomy 30:11
  ThePsalm119Foundation.org website redesigned and updated The Foundation's website is a reflection of our intent and maturity as an organization.  We updated the site in December to provide a better experience on mobile devices as well as a more polished and professional appearance that reflects positively on our team, our partners, and our Lord.
  BibleFamilyTree.info launched More than any other topic, the Bible speaks about relationships. Chapter after chapter describes the relationships between husbands and wives, between fathers and children, between one nation and another, and the critical relationship between G-d and humanity.  With the launch of BibleFamilyTree.info in January, we bring the familial relationships of the Bible to life via an interactive family tree.
  AnsweringChristianObjections.com launched

Based upon the popularity of our series on Psalm11918.org, we took a fresh new approach to answering Christian objections and turned it into a new online resource for Torah observant followers of Messiah: AnsweringChristianObjections.com was launched in February.  We examine the passages of Scripture that are often taken out of context and used to justify the anti-Torah mindset so common among believers and put them back into their proper context.

AnsweringChristianObjections.com: Do justice.  Love kindness.  Walk humbly.

  MessiahsPassoverWeek.info launched As Passover 2014 approached, many of our readers expressed curiosity about "Good Friday" and whether that was accurate according to Scripture..  We created a series of interative timelines that launched in May which examine "Good Friday", "Good Thursday", and "Good Wednesday" scenarios to see which fits best with the words of Scripture.  MessiahsPassoverWeek.info examines ten days surrounding Messiah's last Passover with His disciples.
  Foundation websites integrated In January 2015, after months of design, planning, and development, all seven of the primary Psalm 119 Foundation websites (AnsweringChristianObjections.com, CommunityConnector.net, Psalm11918.org, SacredName.com, ThePsalm119Foundation.org, The613Commandments.com, and TheRabbi.org) have been cobranded, integrated, and replatformed.  The left side slider menu provides a convenient connection point between all of the Foundation sites and enables our visitors to donate, contribute, or contact us from any site in our network.

The613Commandments.com launched

As part of the newly integrated suite of websites for the foundation, we transitioned The613Commandments.net to a new domain... The613Commandments.com: the commandment is holy and righteous and good.

  TheMoedim.com launched Shortly after Pesach in 2015, the Foundation launched a site dedicated to the moedim, the divine appointments of the Lord.  This site examines the Scriptural origins of each of the "Biblical feasts" and how they point to Messiah Yeshua

Like a bride adorning herself for her groom, the moedim have been adorned over the millennia with various traditions and customs that reveal a love of G-d and His ways.  We examine these customs as well.

The Moedim: the divine appointments of the LORD with His beloved.

  Qedoshim.com launched The motto of the Psalm 119 Foundation is "echoing G-d's call to holy living."  In that spirit and in the pursuit of our mission, the Foundation launched Qedoshim.com.  Qedoshim is the Hebrew word for "holy ones".  We examine Peter's exhortation to "be holy in all your behavior" and the passages of Scripture he uses to support his instruction.

What does "holiness" mean and what does it mean to "be holy"?  Qedoshim.com shines the light of Scripture on the question to find the answers.
  ReturnOfTheMessiah.com launched

As Yom Teruah of 2015 approached, we reflected on the promise of Messiah's return with the "trumpet of G-d" (1 Thes 4:16) and how the moed provides a recurring dress rehearsal for that moment.  While providing an annual countdown to the moed, the ReturnOfTheMessiah.com website puts to rest several false claims about that moment every believer longs for: the return of our King!

  FellowshipFinder.com launched In July 2016, CommunityConnector.net was retired and replaced by a new site: FellowshipFinder.com.  It was created as the next step in the evolution of online resources to help Messianic believers find community.  This site extends the ability to search the entire world for other congregations, synagogues, or study groups via a single global map.
  ThePassover.com launched Just in time for the holy day, ThePassover.com was launched in April 2019. Passover marks two of the most pivotal events in Judeo-Christian history.  This site was created to visually relate the history of the first Passover, its annual remembrance, and illuminate the elements of the traditional seder with the light of Messiah.