New Website Launch:

Press Release


The Psalm 119 Foundation Launches

New website focused on Biblical holiness

HELOTES, TX April 19, 2015 -- The Psalm 119 Foundation launches a new website focused on holiness:  Peter exhorts believers to "be holy in all your behavior" so the foundation has created this new site to examine the concept.

This new site closely aligns to the motto of the foundation, "echoing G-d's call to holy living" and aligns to our mission of encouraging sanctified living by sharing the truths of Scripture.  Our goal is to see a growing number of lives that are increasingly sanctified according to G-d's Word.  Our vision is to be an instrument of G-d's fulfillment of the prayers of King David found in Psalm 119.

May the Most High be glorified in this new service to the body of Messiah.